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For questions, please send at text message or Whats App message to 408-409-5060

For in-person "learn to skate" lessons, please register here.
Access an exclusively online, self-paced learn to skate course here. 

There are many other types of lessons offered so that there is something to meet the needs of everyone!

  • Want to learn a new skill? 

  • Haven't skated in years but are ready to give it another try?

  • Ready to get reacquainted with your favorite childhood past time?

  • Looking for a fun, new way to get a work out in? 

  • Trying out for a roller sport team? 

  • Need to build strength, endurance, power, speed, or cardiovascular fitness? 

  • Inspired by Tic Tok videos? 

Whether it's for one of the reasons listed above, or for something completely different, you have come to the right place! 

Let’s get rolling!

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