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My name is Nastassia Hamor and my goal is to help you roll to your goal! My objective is to inspire every individual I work with to not only find joy in skating but confidence within themselves. 

I work with skaters of all ages and levels. Many of my skaters are young children learning a new skill. However, lots of other students I work with are reintroducing themselves to a childhood past time or have chosen to take up a new hobby as a means to become more fit. Some of my students have even worked with me to prepare for the U.S. National Championships! 

My Story

I was first taught how to skate at the age of five by my father who is an avid skater himself. For the first year or so, I hated everything about skating. However, it didn't take much longer to find myself enjoying skating around the neighborhood and in parks with my parents. Sometime later, we began going to Cal Skate Milpitas, an indoor roller rink which unfortunately does not exist anymore.


I do not remember when my love for skating ignited but before I knew it I was spending nearly every day at the roller skating rink! It quickly became a huge passion of mine!


At the age of nine I decided to join an inline speed skating team and competed at my first National Championship two years later. My competitive career spanned nearly ten years, from 2003-2012. During this time I was able to earn my spot on several National Teams which allowed me the opportunity to represent the United States of America in three World Championships. 

Somewhere in between this time I also earned degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology while running track and cross country for a Division II university, Cal State East Bay. I was also able to transfer my passion of skating  competitively to teaching and began coaching aspiring skaters in 2009. I officially established my own business, Skate Better Now in 2016 and since then have worked with over an estimated 400 skaters!  

Today, in addition to being a skating instructor, I am also an elementary school teacher where I have the amazing opportunity to inspire our future generation. 


Let's roll!


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