Roller Derby Conditioning- All Ages

This program is designed to to meet the skater's individual needs.  Whether you want to join a team, or improve your skills, or get a great workout in, this option is for you!

This is designed to be either a private one-on-one, or small group lesson where skaters will learn exercises to improve performance both on and off skates. Each lesson will be planned out to help you reach your goals. 

Covering items from the basic skills test is also an option during this program.

The cost of each lesson is $100. If you choose to get a few friends together to help reduce the cost per skater, I recommend no more than 8 skaters in a group. 

Please contact me for more information regarding either course.


All skaters must contact me prior to joining. All skaters must also sign a waiver and purchase all of their own equipment; a helmet, pads (knee, elbow, and wrist guards, and skates). 

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