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The 2023 Season 
is upon us! Now accepting Skaters fo
r August 2023


You can also check out this link for my online course. 


Learn to skate - Youth (Ages 4-12:)

This program is a 4 week course is designed to get skaters ages 4-14 to become confident and capable of skating on their own. By the end of the course, skaters will need little to no help from others. Every skater will have a slightly different rate of learning but in 4 weeks one can expect to gain proficiency in the following areas: basic safety, moving forward on their own, stopping, and turning.  

The cost per skater for this 4-week course is $120.00. There are no make-ups offered. Skaters must get instructor approval before moving up to the next level.

Learn to Skate- Adults (Ages 14 & Older):

Adult lessons are currently offered once a week on Saturdays from 8-9am. A fee of $75 is to be paid monthly. This is not built in the same way as the youth Learn-To-Skate course. Instead, adults learn different skills at their own pace and all level of adult skaters skate at the same time. The group is typically 4-8 skaters on any given week. 

Please contact me to register or for more information regarding either course.

All skaters must contact me prior to joining. All skaters must also sign a waiver and purchase all of their own equipment; a helmet, pads (knee, elbow, and wrist guards, and skates). 

Adult Learn-To-Skate
4-one hour lessons $75 per skater ages 14 & older.

*Skaters may need several
4-one hour lessons.

Please email me 

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