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Local Roller Skating Facilities:

Roller Sports & Groups: 



Have you ever watched the winter olympics? 
If so, hopefully you were able to catch the speed skating and artistic/figure (dance) skating! Learning how to skate on wheels will help you to learn how to ice skate and vice versa! 
Some of the skating teams you can join on wheels in the Bay Area include;
  • Jam skating (Many groups to join, ask me for more info.)
There are many other roller sports, the ones listed are just a few!
You can also search for videos of each type of roller sport on Youtube! 
If joining a team is not for you, search on Facebook and Instagram for local recreational skating groups and events to join. They are lots of fun and the skating community is very welcoming! 








A few weekly skating meet-ups include:

San Francisco's Friday Night Skate (adults only)

Golden Gate Park's Skating Place
(all ages)

Stanford's Wednesday Night Skate (adults only)

Richard Humphrey's Dance Academy Sundays at William Weeks' Park in Hayward - (adults only)

A few Facebook Groups you could join:
- Bay Area Roller Group
- Skating With Friends San Jose
- San Jose Roll Call

There are tons more, these are just a few! 


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