Local Roller Skating Facilities:

Skating Clubs/Skating Disciplines:



Did you watch the winter olympics? 
If so, hopefully you were able to catch the speed skating and artistic/figure (dance) skating! Learning how to skate on wheels will help you to learn how to ice skate and vice versa! 
Some of the skating teams you can join on wheels in the Bay Area include;
  • Inline speed skating (contact me for more info.)
  • Artistic/figure skating (San Francisco Roller Rink, Sacramento, Rohnert Park)
  • Roller or inline hockey (San Ramon Roller Rink, Dry Ice in Oakland, Sportsplex)
  • Roller derby 
 -Women: https://wftda.com/
- Men: https://mrda.org/
- Boys and girls: https://www.juniorrollerderby.org/
  • Jam skating (recreational)
  • Marathon racing (recreational)
Other skating disciplines that exist (just maybe not in the Bay Area) include, slalom, and quad speed skating. 
For more information on roller sports, visit: 
and click on "sport disciplines." 
You can also search for videos of each type of roller sport on Youtube! 
People of all ages can compete at their own level!